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Diesel Multiple Units / Railcars

Grantham Arrival - August 1971.  We are currently writing a new section for the TTG website all about the 'Diesel Era'  - Our starting point will of course cover the introduction of Diesel Multiple Unit / Railcar (DMUs) services to and from Grantham. Our photograph (above) shows an arrival in the Bay during the early 1970s, but if you were a Driver or a Staff member during any period from the mid 1950s to the mid 1980s and have memories & anecdotes from that time we would like to hear from you. We would also like to hear from passengers and their own experience of travelling by DMU from Grantham. Incidentally, does anyone recognise the Driver?

1 thought on “Diesel Multiple Units / Railcars

  1. Andy Hides

    As a school child in the early 70's one of my earliest memories is a school trip to Hull from Grantham. The charter took two local Derby Heavyweight units (Class 114) via the ECML to Newark, where another school party joined the working. We then travelled via Lincoln and Market Rasen using the line to New Holland Pier, the Humber Bridge was still under construction at the time. We boarded the PS Lincoln Castle steamer to cross the river and back.


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