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Grantham Railway History

The railway arrived in Grantham in 1850, though there had been earlier schemes to connect the town to the rapidly expanding network.  Over the years the railway and the railway community played an important role in shaping Grantham's distinctiveness.  The economy of the local area owed much to the wages spent by many hundreds of railway families.  Railway connections with the town became deep-rooted and and widespread.

Many aspects of Grantham's railway history have already been well researched and published.  We don't intend here to duplicate the work of our predecessors.  Many of their books and articles are, nowadays, relatively easily available to purchase via the Internet, and we are listing the details of those we have found here.

Instead we will concentrate on adding new insights which, we hope, will complement and amplify the established record.

  • Railway and Town (to follow)