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Traffic and Trains

Grantham's platforms and goods yards saw the passage of virtually every type of train the railway had to offer.  We are putting together features to illustrate the variety of traffic dealt with by the staff and seen by passengers as they waited to begin their journey.  Follow the links below.

Railway Operation Round the Clock

Express passenger services on the East Coast Main Line. Some trains passed through at high speed, others paused to serve the town or to enable passengers to make connections into local services.

  • others are in preparation

Luxury Pullman trains linking London with cities in Yorkshire, the North East of England and Scotland. (in preparation)

Local passenger services, for example to Nottingham/Derby, Lincoln and Boston.

Parcels, Mail and Newspaper Trains: Summer 1961

Express freight trains

Test and Trial Workings

Traffic worked through the goods yards, serving local industry, commerce and agriculture. (in preparation)

Coal from the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire coalfield to London and East Anglia. (in preparation)

Ironstone from the quarries and mines around Colsterworth, Stainby and Sproxton to the iron and steel works of Lincolnshire and the North Midlands. (in preparation)

Private industrial sidings in the Grantham area

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