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Grantham Station: The Rebuilding Period in the mid 1980s.

The mid 1980s saw major demolition and refurbishment work take place at Grantham Station. All of the former Victorian buildings on platforms 2 and 4 were swept away and replaced with a modern smaller structure. The new building design did however retain some of the character of the original buildings and incorporated some of their features. The rebuilding work also involved the total replacement of the original footbridge and installation of a new one to allow clearance for overhead lines. Platform 1 saw general improvements to various station buildings, doorways and windows. The project included upgrading of the canopies and roofing work in all areas. John Wright was there with his camera to record some of these changes and we thank him for allowing us to use his photographs in this section.

A view looking north from the south end of platform 2 in October 1985. The mostly timber buildings, so much the backdrop for photographers in years gone by, have all been cleared away. On the right we can see that the canopy on platform 1 is being stripped off ready for refurbishment.
Another view looking north and taken from the south end of the western platform. The photograph shows further demolition work has started beyond the footbridge. The stanchions in the foreground were probably saved and possibly used again as part of the modern replacement Waiting Room.
A little further along the western platform with demolition work underway adjacent to the south end of platform 2. We wonder if any of the upturned columns seen on the right survived and perhaps became nice garden features somewhere?
Work progresses along the western platform in October 1985 with part demolition of the timber - brick buildings north of the footbridge.
This photograph, looking south east, was taken from the western platform. In the background the station buildings on platform 1 can be seen across the tracks. In the foreground and after standing for over 100 years their neighbours on platform 2 have sadly been reduced to rubble.
Another view this time looking looking north and taken from the steps of the original footbridge. It shows the same area as seen in the previous photograph. The western platform is on the left with platform 2 visible on the right adjacent to the main lines. What marvellous travellers tales and human stories these bricks have witnessed over the years......
This photograph from platform 1 was also taken in October 1985 and shows the view looking generally south west. It clearly shows the extent of demolition on platform 2 although we assume the footbridge was perhaps still in use? Passengers using platform 2 seem to be protected by little more than a picket fence, how times have changed!
A closer view of the extensive demolition work taking place around the footbridge area on platform 2.
Another photograph taken in October 1985 from platform 1 showing demolition work extending northwards along platform 2.
Apart from the original footbridge, all trace of the former station buildings on platform 2 have now gone.
Another October 1985 view this time looking looking south. The photograph was taken from the original footbridge and shows the final clearance of what remained of the Down side buildings.
October 1985. The view from the north end of platform 2 looking south east and showing refurbishment work being carried out on the canopy roof over platform 1.
October 1985. Another view this time taken from platform 1 and looking south, showing the platform canopy undergoing refurbishment work.
October 1985. Moving outside to Station Road, here we have a view looking north showing roofing refurbishment work in progress on the main station buildings.
October 1985. Another view looking north on Station Road, with the main entrance canopy undergoing refurbishment.
October 1985. Roof work underway on the single storey buildings on Station Road.
A view looking north showing final demolition of the Goods Shed on Station Road.
The water tank on Station Road in September 1985.
The water tank on Station Road in March 1986 prior to demolition


Were you there during this time? If you have any personal memories, images or additional information about the station buildings for potential use in this section, we would love to hear from you. Please note: Unless stated otherwise all images are Copyright: John Wright.

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