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3 thoughts on “Grantham From Above

  1. Eric Oates (Stafford)

    this is wonderful stuff. thanks for a great site. I lived in Grantham for a short while in the mid 70s and only caught the Deltics. Always wished I'd seen old 34F and the Pacifics you so ably illustrate wish you luck!

  2. Brian Lewis

    I was very lucky - 34F and Deltics. Nothing compares today, and no Tardis to travel back in to do just one more amazing journey. Many thanks.

  3. Tom King

    Excellent content throughout the site. Thanks for collecting, organizing and displaying it all. I am trying to source some overhead photos of the station and yards. I have looked on the Britain from above website and I see the 5 main photos there from 1950 and a couple from 1926. They are all oblique angle shots.
    However, you show 3 directly overhead photos (that I have found so far) that do not come up when I search in the Britain from above online search. Two are on the "Grantham Yard Signal Box - an introduction" page, nearly at the bottom of the page.
    The other is on the Grantham from above title page.
    Would you be able to let me know where I could find the larger versions of those photos and perhaps other related ones. Many thanks from Canada, much appreciated. Tom

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