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After a few technical issues we have now been able to republish a new page on the Tracks through Grantham website. After Derek Meads had sent in a comment about one of our previous articles we invited him to tell us about his own memories of visiting Grantham. We are sure that you will enjoy reading Derek's nostalgic recollections in - Oh for a Time Machine!  There's a link to the page here

Our next get-together for people interested in Tracks through Grantham takes place in Grantham in md-April.  These events are an opportunity to meet for a few hours to enjoy a varied and, we hope, enjoyable and informative programme.  Our meetings are usually held twice a year, in spring and autumn.

If you are already on our list of email and postal contacts you should recently have received the meeting programme and invitation.  Please remember to let us know if you hope to be with us.

If you'd be interested in attending but have not received a programme/invitation please get in touch, using the Contact Form here, providing your name and email address.  We will add you to our list of email contacts and send a programme and invitation which gives the date, time and venue (and requests a reply if you intend to join us).

We don't publish the meeting details on the website because we and our host venue need to know how many people to expect.