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Grantham Station: Extending Platform 4, about 1990

Above: an aerial view with the extension of Platform 4 indicated.

by Brian Maddison

Platform 4 at Grantham was extended around 1990 to ensure that the longest Inter-City trains calling at the station could be accommodated if they needed to use the back platform.

At the time the photographs below were taken I worked for the Inter-City Civil Engineer based in Peterborough.  The men were all BR staff from the Peterborough works depot under the supervisor of Paul Moffat, who is in the background on one of the photos.

Looking south, main lines on the left, Platform 4 on the right.
Photograph taken by Brian Maddison.
A '225' waits at Platform 2 whilst a '125' passes through on Platform 1.
Photograph taken by Brian Maddison.
Looking north.
Photograph taken by Brian Maddison.

This was one of a large number of platform works that we undertook during this period with extensions at Grantham and Newark as well as a number of Network South East Stations that were lengthened to accommodate 12-coach trains, and we built a complete new station at Bentley for the South Yorkshire PTE.

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