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Georgiana Florence Baguley of Doncaster

Above: the memorial to Georgiana Baguley in Grantham Cemetery, photographed  on Sunday 21st November 2021.

Georgiana Baguley is the only person who died in the accident who was buried at Grantham.

Georgiana was born in London in 1872.  She married her husband John in 1892 and they lived in Bradford until he died early in 1901.  At some time afterwards she moved to Doncaster, and when the accident happened she was returning home alone after visiting her family in Chelsea.  At the time of the accident Georgiana's four children were aged 13 years, 11 years, 6 years, and 6 months.  

At the coroner's inquest Georgiana was formally identified  by her father Walter Wing who, soon afterwards, informed the authorities that it was the family's wish that she should be buried in Grantham cemetery. 

Georgiana Baguley's Funeral

The funeral took place on Monday 24th September 1906:


The only victim buried in Grantham Cemetery was Mrs. Baguley, of Doncaster.  Her interment took place on Monday, and there was a singular appropriateness in the fact that the obsequies were conducted by the Rev. H. Norman Nash, who was so conspicuous lending his aid at the scene of the disaster.  A large number of people assembled to witness the removal the coffin from the Guildhall-yard.  At the Cemetery, the crowd was not large, possibly owing to the fact that it was near the dinner-hour.  Seven the deceased's relatives followed, viz. :—Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wing, of London (father and mother); Miss Daisy Wing (sister); Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Howitt, Lincoln; and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Baguley, Nottingham.  The coffin was of unpolished oak, with brass fittings, and the breast-plate bore the simple inscription “Georgiana Florence Baguley, died 19th September, 1906, aged 33 years."  There were several beautiful wreaths, inscribed as follows —With heartfelt sympathy, from Bessie and Marie, 452, King’s-road, Chelsea; In loving memory of my dear sister, Georgie, from Daisy; Deepest sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Baguley, Carrington, Nottingham: and With deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Howitt, Lincoln.  The Parish Church bell was tolled during the removal of the body from the Guildhall to the Cemetery. —On Tuesday afternoon, the Mayor (T. Norton, Esq.) received the following telegram from Countess Brownlow, at Ashridge :—“Cross of flowers sent to Guildhall, from Countess Brownlow, to put on graves of victims of railway disaster." As Mrs. Baguley was the only one laid to rest at Grantham, the cross was placed upon her grave in the Cemetery.

(from The Grantham Journal Saturday 29th September 1906, page 3)

The memorial to Georgiana in Grantham Cemetery was repaired and cleaned in 2006 to mark the centenary of the disaster.

Photographs from November 2021:


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