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We are currently working on a new article for the TTG Website that will specifically  focus on the 1961 Summer Working Time Table (12th June to 10th September 1961). Lots of information has come to light during our research, but we are now actively seeking details relating to Grantham 34F Locomotive Diagrams for the A3 Pacifics at this time. Another avenue of our research covers the engine changes on express passenger trains at Grantham during the same period, so if you can assist with any of the above please do let us know.

Thanks - The TTG Team

Two recent issues of Steam World have items which might interest Tracks though Grantham subscribers:

August 2021 (Issue 410):

  • pages 24 to 27 is a four page photo feature titled Through Noel's Lens: Freight on the ECML.  It's a selection of seven colour photographs by Noel Ingram, prolific recorder in the early 1960s of traffic on the East Coast Main Line between Grantham and Peterborough.
  • across the top of pages 46 and 47 there's a shot of Grantham's A3 No. 60046 Diamond Jubilee departing from Leeds in August 1961.

September 2021 (Issue 411):

  • at the bottom of page 26 there's a letter from David Rollins in Australia who recalls being fireman on a V2-hauled Up fitted freight which came to a halt near Saltersford with a broken side rod in May 1959.  He describes how the incident was dealt with.
  • pages 48 and 49 are a further two-page spread of Noel Ingram's colour photographs, this time five pictures of A4 Pacifics on passenger traffic titled Through Noel's Lens: 'Streaking' the ECML.

Friend of Tracks through Grantham Chris Leigh has recently resumed the role of editor of Steam World.  We wish him well and hope that a sprinkling of Grantham-related content can be maintained.

John Clayson