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The Buildings on Station Road, east side – late 1970s.

A short walk along the east side of Station Road showing some of the buildings that were directly opposite the station. All of these buildings have since been demolished.

This railway house was situated opposite the station entrance. Its address was 9 Station Road. At the time of the 1891 and 1901 censuses it was occupied by staff who worked in the Great Northern Railway's Station Refreshment Rooms. In 1911 William Allen, Platform Inspector, and his family lived there. Photograph taken by Mel Smith
Here's a view of the Water Tower on Station Approach, looking south east. The double gates on the left opened on to a small compound which included the portakabin seen behind them in this view. At the time this was the Grantham relayers mess cabin. We have yet to discover what was behind the door under the sloping roof, so are you able to provide an answer? The area under the water tank was the location for the Grantham joiners' workshop. Here they built new hand and road gates as well as repairing them. The access door to the workshop was at the far end (shown in the next photograph) They also had a stove under the middle window and the pipe leading up from it was the chimney. The sign on the building at the rear of the water tank, which stood on the corner of Launder Terrace and Queen Street reads 'The New Dance Centre'  Photograph taken by Mel Smith
The Water Tower on Station Approach, looking north east. The tank stored a supply of water so that the tenders of locomotives could be refilled rapidly. Photograph taken by Mel Smith
View north along Station Approach (water tower in view, main station entrance on far left). The small building on the right was the office of the British Transport Police. Photograph taken by Mel Smith

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  1. David

    I can remember that very well, it was my office when I started in 1982. The railway was very different then but they were good old days and good memories. My old ganger use to put me in shape. 😄


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