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Halcyon Days at Grantham!

Halcyon Days at Grantham! I thought that I would post this recently discovered image. It turned up whilst looking through an old wallet of B&W 127 negatives. Not a photograph to win any prizes, but it captures the joy and excitement of trainspotting with friends at Grantham. Notice the regulation 'snake belt' and rolled up shirt sleeves. I can't remember when this picture was taken or even the loco in view. Any guesses?

3 thoughts on “Halcyon Days at Grantham!

  1. TracksthroughGrantham1

    The Down Main line is still laid with bullhead rail, so that could be a clue as to when the picture was taken. There are photos dating from autumn 1959 which show it relaid with flat bottom rail, so it has to be before then.

  2. TracksthroughGrantham2

    My first unaccompanied visit to Grantham station was in July 1959 during the school holidays. Further visits took place that summer holiday period with friends and family, so based on the appearance of flat bottom rail in the autumn of that year this photograph was probably taken in late July - August judging by the rolled up sleeves? It was back to school for everyone in early September and further weekend only visits to the Grantham area were usually in my Dad's Morris 10 to places like Barkston, Stoke or Peascliffe Tunnel. The lad in the picture is (I think) a family friend so further investigation is required to see if anyone can identify him....


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