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Grantham Clerical Staff, 1938

This photograph was published in the LNER Magazine for July 1938 (Vol.28, No.7, page 421). It was taken to mark the retirement (on 9th April 1938) of Charles J. Cooke as Station Master and Goods Agent, and a copy was presented to him on 15th May.

Back row: Robert  M. Bennett [no relation to the lender], Clerk; G. Dobney, Clerk; Roland King, Clerk; Reg Pinner, Wilfred Lucock, A.W. Wood, Stanley Thompson, Reg P. Holloway, H.Read. (9)

Middle row: Alfred Scrimshire (Chief Clerk in the Station Master's office), Miss J. Ebb, Sydney Harmston, C. Hill, W.H. Barsby, A. Palmer, Dave Melrose, Jim Tear, C. Johnson, W.L. Selby, Herbert Holloway, W. Smith (12)

Front row: W.J. Alder (Clerk), Miss Gwendoline (Gwen) A. Worsdale, H. Cheffings, L. Hutchinson, Charles J. Cooke (Station Master and Goods Agent), Gerald Searle, Fred Steer (Townsman, Goods Dept.), A.E. Wilsher, A. Collins. (9)

Note the face peering through the window!

Photograph taken by Walter Lee, lent by Boris Bennett.

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