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Jeremy Stone discovered this eight-minute video recently published on YouTube.  Locations are not identified, but we think they could be as follows:

0:00 - 2:35 somewhere on Stoke Bank (Swayfield?)

2:35 - 2:52 Peascliffe Tunnel southern approach (60013)

2:52 - 3:18 Stoke Tunnel southern approach (4472)

3:18 - 3:50 Barkston

3:50 - 4:16 Tweedmouth

3:16 - 4:35 cannot identify (but quite distinctive - can anyone help?) - it's Benton North Junction, north of Newcastle, see the comment below

4:35 - 5:12 somewhere on Stoke Bank

5:12 - 7:33 Barkston (in the snow, with a fearsome easterly blowing!)

7:33 - 7:37 somewhere on Stoke Bank (in the snow)

7:37 - 8:11 Peascliffe Tunel (southern approach)


Need to shake off the winter blues?

Why not rediscover the High Dyke Branch!

Surely, following our recent spell of Siberian weather, spring will soon be in the air.  If you fancy getting out and about while rediscovering some railway heritage let our new page, The High Dyke Branch Rediscovered - Part 1, be your guide.

John Pegg will show you the first 3 miles of the former branch line, from Highdyke Junction to the Great North Road near Colsterworth.  There's a great selection of photographs .  Most show scenes taken in summer 2017 but, mixed in, are some 'flashbacks' to the 1960s and the early 1970s when the line was still moving heavy loads of ironstone to the main line, the job it was built for in 1916-19.

So why not find your boots, burn off a few excess calories and clear away the cobwebs?

...and look out for Part 2 soon.