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Here are links to a few mentions of railways in the Grantham area which we've come across recently.

On the Grantham Matters website:

Trainspotters in the 60s

Track relaying, November 2019

Aveling-Barford's locomotive

The Harlaxton ironstone quarry line

Barrowby Road Bridge repairs

Track relaying, February 1987 (at nearly the same location as in 2019 above)

Passenger numbers at Grantham station in 2017

Renewal of Barrowby Road Bridge, 1955

The Up side goods yard, 1936

Grantham Guard Montague Ogden, Mayor in 1966-67

Barrowby Road Bridge is hit by a truck, February 2020

... and in the current (March 2020) issue of Steam World magazine:

pages 28 to, 33 carry an illustrated article titled 1962: a Spotter's Year by Bruce Laws, with his recollections of places including Colwick shed, and Nottingham Victoria and Grantham stations.  Photographs include an A3-hauled passenger train on the Up goods line, a view of the Loco yard and Grantham B1 61389 bringing a goods train off the Nottingham line.

Please let us know (via our Contact Us form) if you come across similar items, so that we can share them.

It's Sunday 27th June 1971 and Grantham Yard signal box is about to close.  Leaving the box for the last time, someone reached into a drawer or cupboard for an old scrapbook which had been lying there for years.  It contained circulars and memos received by the signalmen at the Yard Box between 1900 and 1945, each carefully pasted into a page for possible future reference.  They would be needed no more but maybe someone, someday, might be interested...

At Tracks through Grantham we have recently seen this remarkable survivor.  It truly is a fascinating archive, with many stories to tell about things that mattered to the railway and to its employees.

A new page on our website draws on this resource for the first time.  Fresh Fish Daily! is an insight into the importance of the Scotch fish traffic to the people who operated the Great Northern section of the East Coast Main Line in the early decades of the 20th century.