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Saltersford Signal Box

Situated on the Up side of the line opposite Grantham Water Works, Saltersford box controlled a facing crossover from Up Goods to Up Main, a trailing crossover between the Main lines and access to a siding from the Down Main line into the water works for the delivery of coal and other supplies.

A temporary signal box at Saltersford opened in 1872; a permanent replacement opened on 8th June 1874.

Rail-Online: A1 4-6-2 (Gresley) &emdash; 2545 1931c Grantham
LNER A1 Pacific No. 2545 Diamond Jubilee passes Saltersford box as it climbs away from Grantham with an up express in c.1931.
This and other photographs are available from Rail-Online: left click on the image.

Saltersford Signal Box closed on 3rd April 1932.  A more detailed history is being researched and written.  If you have information or photographs that would help us please get in touch.

When Saltersford box closed an Automatic Block Section was established on the Up Main line.  The associated signals are illustrated and described in our page about Great Ponton signal box.

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