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Above: A telegraph lad in Grantham North signal box is on the telephone in July 1937.

This page has two sections, a Contact Form and a Subscriber Form.

1. Contact Form

If you wish to send us a message please complete the details below.  If a reply is needed we'll get back to you as soon as we can, using the email address you supply.  Please bear in mind that Tracks through Grantham is a hobby project so, sometimes, other matters have to take priority!

This Contact Form is not the same as using one of the Comment Forms which you will find on many of our pages.  Comments are responses to the content of a page or to previous comments on that page.  If approved,  a comment may be published and become part of the page.  On the other hand messages left using this Contact Form are communications directly to the Tracks through Grantham team, and they will not normally appear on the site.


2. Subscriber Form

Becoming a Subscriber means that every time we add an item to the News page you will receive an email.

We use the News page:

  • to announce new or updated content - the relevant page will have a link from the announcement;
  • to provide topical, time-limited information about meetings, events and the like.

After you click 'subscribe' you will receive an email requesting confirmation.  After you've confirmed there'll be a second email welcoming you as a subscriber.  If  you wish to unsubscribe at any time it's a very simple process.   Subscribing is entirely free, and there is no risk of receiving spam.

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