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East Coast films, 1960s

Jeremy Stone discovered this eight-minute video recently published on YouTube.  Locations are not identified, but we think they could be as follows:

0:00 - 2:35 somewhere on Stoke Bank (Swayfield?)

2:35 - 2:52 Peascliffe Tunnel southern approach (60013)

2:52 - 3:18 Stoke Tunnel southern approach (4472)

3:18 - 3:50 Barkston

3:50 - 4:16 Tweedmouth

3:16 - 4:35 cannot identify (but quite distinctive - can anyone help?) - it's Benton North Junction, north of Newcastle, see the comment below

4:35 - 5:12 somewhere on Stoke Bank

5:12 - 7:33 Barkston (in the snow, with a fearsome easterly blowing!)

7:33 - 7:37 somewhere on Stoke Bank (in the snow)

7:37 - 8:11 Peascliffe Tunel (southern approach)


6 thoughts on “East Coast films, 1960s

  1. Phil Bevan

    What an evocative series of cine films. It's like having a Tardis and being back there. I especially liked the films at the end in the snow near Peascliffe.

  2. Andy Hides

    Following a suggestion at the April TTG Meeting about the unidentified piece of footage in the video. Further research has placed Tweedmouth as the location of the shot of V2 No. 60824 in the first part of the clip. The piece is timed 3:50 - 4:16.

    The shot shows the, then new, Tweedmouth signal box which replaced both Tweedmouth North & South boxes from December 1961. The redundant signal boxes were demolished in September 1962.

    Further information on the station is available here.

    1. TracksthroughGrantham1

      Thanks vey much for the information identifying Tweedmouth Andy. I'll update the list of locations in the introduction to the film.
      John Clayson

  3. Doug

    Hi, I have a feeling that the inidentified location between 4.16 to 4.35 is Benton North Junction a few miles north of Newcastle Central.
    The line diverging on the right is the B&T (Blyth & Tyne), the line to the left is towards Ponteland.


    1. TracksthroughGrantham1

      Hello Doug,
      Thanks very much for identifying the spot for us - little wonder we were struggling as it's so far north of our area.
      John Clayson


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