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The Gresley Society: Colin Walker’s Grantham

If you're a member of the Gresley Society you will have seen an evocative 13-page feature of Colin Walker's photographs from the 1950s and 1960s in the current (Autumn 2017, No. 173) edition of the Society's journal The Gresley Observer.  The photographs were taken at a range of locations including the Loco (shed), the northern and the southern approaches, and at the passenger station.  Colin was there on 'The Last Day' that Grantham Loco was operational, Saturday 7th September 1963, when he recorded some poignant views of the shed's remaining active A3s preparing to leave and departing: No. 60066, No. 60108 and No. 60112.

To become a member and secure a copy please see the membership page of the Society's website here.

Our own tribute to Colin Walker can be found here.

John Clayson

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