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Ironstone Mining Rediscoveries

Keeping an eye on the user statistics for Tracks Through Grantham we're used to seeing an occasional surge in interest when we publish a new page.  However, around the middle of July there was a sudden spike in our viewing figures which wasn't set off by new content.  It was thanks to a favourable mention on RMweb of our Railways Rediscovered pages (about the former Woolsthorpe Branch) that, for a period of three days we practically trebled our normal readership.*  If you'd like to see what the RMweb contributors had to say you can find the start of the thread here.

Also recently, Richard Marshall was in touch, leaving a comment on our page The Woolsthorpe Branch Rediscovered – Part 2 and subsequently he sent us some photographs of a building which was connected with the ironstone quarries and remains standing today, near Harston.  You can discover the building by scrolling down to near the bottom of this page.

(* We should clarify that the site stats do not tell us who our users are.  They give the total number of views of each page per day and some indication of how those users have found Tracks through Grantham.)

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