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Paul Watson

Paul (nickname 'Lenny the Lion') with a B1 locomotive at Grantham Loco.
Photograph lent by John Aldous.

I was 16 when this photo was taken.  I started work at Grantham Loco as an engine cleaner on 24th April 1962.  After approximately one year I was made redundant and moved to Stratford Loco in London, where I became a fireman.  I then had the chance to move back to Grantham Loco as a fireman which I did in the early 1960s.  After a few years at Grantham I was made redundant once again and moved to King's Cross Loco this time.  This was an excellent move.  As a fireman i graduated through the links and into the top link which was the Newcastle lodge link.  I can't help remembering the thrill of being one of the first firemen to travel at 100 mph on a Deltic flying along to Newcastle.

Near to getting married I decided to apply to move to Peterborough Loco circa 1973 as a secondman, where I worked until about 1980.  Unfortunately I failed my driver's exam, which bitterly hurt me for years to come.  Fortunately, in those days British Rail did not sack the failed men.  I ended up becoming a Freight Guard, which served me well until 2004 when I had the chance to take early retirement.

The two photos bring back happy memories.

Denis Burgoine and Paul on a V2 locomotive at Grantham Loco.
Photograph lent by John Aldous.

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