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On April 18th 1963 a passenger train passes the Yard Box northbound on the Down Main line, hauled by a diesel electric locomotive of the ‘Peak’ class, so called because the first ten were named after English and Welsh mountains. The Yard Box signalman has already returned his home signal (the upper of the two arms to the left of the gas lamp) to danger.
Train 1A47 would be the southbound The Heart of Midlothian at that time, so it would seem that this locomotive has faulty train indicator blinds. It is also carrying 'Class 1' express passenger train oil headlamps, as used on steam locomotives, which may be intended to show that the indicator blinds are not to be relied upon. Peak locomotives seemed prone to this problem. This could possibly be service 1A42, the 15:00 from King's Cross to Newcastle, which would be at Grantham around 16:45.
Photograph by Cedric A. Clayson, © John Clayson.

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