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A train of empty ironstone wagons being taken south through the station on the Up Main line by class 9F locomotive No.92184 on 27th June 1963.
Projecting above the level of the cab is an inclined row of illuminated white lights attached to the colour light signal. This shows that the train is signalled to take the connection into the Up Goods line at the points just beyond its tender. It will run on the Goods line, alongside the Up Main line, from here as far as High Dyke, where it will be crossed over to the Down side to enter the reception sidings for the Stainby Branch. The Goods line kept slower trains, such as this one, out of the path of the expresses, which was especially important because the route climbs continually from here to Stoke Tunnel (just beyond High Dyke), slowing mineral trains even more.
The term ‘Iron Ore Tippler’ indicates that the wagons have no doors – they were emptied by being tipped upside down in unloading plant at the steelworks.
Photograph by Cedric A. Clayson, © John Clayson.

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