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12 Grantham man+pram

This photograph is thought to have been taken on Thursday 21st June 1962, but it could be the following Thursday, 28th.
The notice on the side of the new pram reads ‘Another MANTON baby carriage’. The porter is Bob Carpenter.
This is a good view of the south end of the station and the yard of the goods depot. On the left is a small water column for topping up the yard pilot (shunting) locomotive, or a main line locomotive waiting to take over an incoming southbound train. The wooden post to its right with a small gas lamp formerly held a loading gauge, a metal arch positioned over the track to show if wagons coming out of the goods shed had been loaded safely.
In front of the large brick granary on the left are two old passenger carriages which have been out of normal service for many years. They are ‘departmental stock’ and belong to the railway’s Signal & Telegraph Engineers; perhaps they are a works train which can be moved to the site of repairs or alterations to signalling and communications equipment. Beyond the old carriages is a line of cattle wagons, with two lines of goods vans on the adjacent tracks to their right. The crossover behind the porter leads to the up goods line, where freight trains were sidelined to allow passenger trains to pass.
The buildings in the distance with gable ends facing the railway are maltings. Beyond is the engineering works of Ruston & Hornsby.
Photograph by Cedric A. Clayson, © John Clayson.

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