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This photograph, taken on 3rd October 1963, illustrates most of the area controlled by Grantham Yard signal box (on the right).
Leading in from the left is the Up (southbound) Main line. The colour light signal controls its connection, just beyond the barrow crossing, with the Up Goods line.
Approaching from the far distance, and to the left of the prominent semaphore signals, is the Down (northbound) Main line.
Approaching to the right of the semaphore signal is the Down Slow line, with a connection into the Down Main line at the platform end.
Just discernible this side of the signal post is a series of diagonal crossings which connect the Western platform, which is on the other side of the wooden building on our right, with all four running lines (Up Goods, Up Main, Down Main and Down Slow).
These arrangements provided good flexibility of operation in a relatively compact area, but at the cost of quite complex trackwork which required regular maintenance under the heavy conditions of use.
Photograph by Cedric A. Clayson, © John Clayson.

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