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013 Noel Box 7 RU 115 adj

This view is taken in the oposite direction to the one above. Climbing aboard B1 locomotive No.61392 as it accelerates down the yard is driver Jim Willetts, whose son Ken was also a driver at Grantham.
Catching the sun between the two locomotives is the white-painted buffer stop which formed the end of the spur at one of the apexes of the truning triangle. Mick Grummitt, telegraph lad, remembers being at work one day at the North box when a train came in from the north with a hot axle box on the locomotive. The locomotive was changed and its crew, from Heaton in Newcastle, went onto the 'angle' to turn. Not being familiar with the layout they failed to stop in time, demolished these buffers and made a hole in the wall of the shed. This rendered the 'angle' out of use until the locomotive was recovered, and engines had to travel to Barkston Junction to turn.

Photograph taken by Noel Ingram, used with permission from Steam World.

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